7L ben folds
(thanks to Steve Evans for many of these photos)

The Jon Palmer Acoustic Band, folk-rocking the sold out crowd at Otley Courthouse, Saturday 22nd April 2017.

The wonderful Bruno Merz and his wonderful band, with their farewell concert at Seven Arts, 24th February 2017. We’ll miss him.
photo by @thatgirlsue

Seven Live golden anniversary. The finale here, with Murston Bapchild and the Braxton Hicks inviting the earlier performers back on stage, for one last sing-along. Magic!

Fitzwallace, Leeds’ finest country-pop trio, at the Seven Live golden anniversary,
December 2016.

King Courgette bring on the hoedown at Seven Live, November 2016.

The Jacquelyn Hynes Trio weaving a hypnotic spell, November 2016.

Toby Noble Acoustic Quartet at Seven Live Extra April 2016

Photograph Steve Evans

Bruno 7U Dec 15Bruno Merz at Seven Unplugged December 2015

Graham Browning Jan 7Live
Graham Browning (of the Graham Browning Trio) … a true original with exceptional and unique songwriting and an enigmatic presence. The jazz-flacked backing of his band compliment his songs beautifully.
This photo is from the band’s stunning comeback show at Seven Live January 2016

washb resos
Jack Amblin (Drums) and Martyn Roper (Guitar) are The Washboard Resonators rocking and rolling at Seven Live April 2016

Photograph Steve Evans

FolkRevival fix
Finale of the UK Folk Revival event featuring Weave, Dariush Kanani, Joe Kemp & Tracey Nicholls, Toby Noble and John Hamilton.

Photograph Steve Evans

Full of breathy urgency, Jacquelyn Hynes (as part of The Jacquelyn Hynes Trio) at Seven Arts July 2015

Michael and Erik
Michael Baum (Piano) and Erik Schelander (Voice) relax after their performance of ‘extracts from Schubert’s Winterreise’ at Seven Unhinged October 2015

David Broad Trio
The David Broad Trio ensuring a swinging good time – June 2016

Photograph Steve Evans

herdon and scs
Susan Herndon (with Steve Chapman Smith) at Seven Live May 2016

Photograph Steve Evans

Balsamic at 7Live
Balsamic at Seven Live June 2016
Taking a trip across many lands, taking in Balkan, Anatolian Turkish and Russian folk music … for a head-spinning blend!

Photograph Steve Evans

Seven Arts regulars (and favourites) The Moonshine Five at Seven Live April 2016

Photograph Steve Evans

Mike taverner - bapchild
The wonderful Mike Taverner (from the incredible Murston Bapchild and the Braxton Hicks) at Seven Live May 2016

Photograph Steve Evans

Mestisa have everyone up on their feet at one of their all-too-rare shows at Seven Arts May 2016

J Eoin
A gentleman and one hell of a songwriter, J Eoin at Seven Live February 2016

The Bronze
The Bronze … completely engrossing and Seven Live favourites

Photograph Steve Evans

two 3rds of Granny's Attic
Two-thirds of Granny’s Attic, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne and George Sansome, giving the folk a dose of funk at Seven Live Extra April 2016