Info for Artists



  • Load-in’s are from 5pm onwards. Please let us know what time you will expect to arrive, so we can organise a sound-check slot for you.
  • Our Sound-Technician will typically start setting the stage from 5pm. Sound-checks usually begin from 6pm onwards. We like to open the doors to the public no later than 7.30pm.
  • Performances begin at 8pm, with 20-30 minutes allowed for an interval.
  • Curfew for live music is 11pm.


The venue has a selection of microphones, mic-stands and D.I. boxes. If you are going to D.I., please bring your own instrument cable. The venue does not have an in-house drum set, but does have a carpet square drum mat, and a couple of music stands.

Emailing us a single-sheet Stage-Plan is ideal; and/or a list detailing the name of each performer, what instrument(s) they play, and mic/input needs; as well as any other specific requirements. You can email us here for Seven Live gigs; and here for MEWL events.

For example:
Robert: 1 x Voc Mic, 1 x D.I. (Guitar)
John: 1 x Voc Mic, 1 x Instr Mic (Mandolin)
Doug: 1 x Instr Mic (Percussion kit), 1 x D.I. (Synth)
Cassie: 1 x Voc Mic, 1 x D.I. (Double Bass), 1 x Instr Mic (Flute)
Doug is seated throughout, Cassie will sit down when she plays the flute – could you provide seats please?
Doug’s Keyboard will require 13amp power.


  • There is no raised stage, the whole room is ‘on the flat’. The room is a modern ‘black-box’ style theatre space,¬† with ‘cabaret style’ tables and chairs.
  • Guest-list has to be limited. If you would like to discuss any potential guests please inform Maggie prior to the event, to prevent any embarrassment on the night.
  • Please bring merchandise with you. We do not take a percentage, but we might ask you for a CD, T-Shirt etc as a raffle prize for a Seven Live event.