7L web banner Marc n MaggieWe promote live music in an open and transparent manner, working with artists to create an appropriately targeted promotional campaign, as well as the range of events management services for the performance(s).
… or in other words …
MEWL Music strive to take care of all those things that are needed to put on a great gig … then the musicians can concentrate on playing great music.

What we do:

• Liaise with the venue for room booking, technician(s), ticket sales, room layout, lighting and sound.

• Liaise with artists for technical requirements, appropriate image use and correct promotional information.

• Promotional design (posters, flyers etc), print and targeted distribution.

• Promotional advertising in house (at venue), local media, online and in-print gig guides, magazines etc.

• Online ticketing (also physical tickets where appropriate).

• Running of load-ins and sound-checks to schedule, with artist(s) and sound technician.

• Where appropriate, lighting design plus desk operator.

• Stage Management of the event.

• Box Office and Front of House Management.

• Provision of M.C. / Compère.

• Hospitality.

• Clear and concise payment break-down.